System Upgrades

This section of our business has been kept very busy in the last year or so as customers realise how inexpensive it is to improve the performance of their existing PC compared to buying new equipment and being left with an old PC which is worth very little on the second-hand market.

Faster Processors
Additional Memory (RAM)
Faster & Larger Hard Disk Drives
Faster CD ROM Drives
Better Video & Sound Cards

All or any of the above could transform your existing PC from a sluggish dinosaur to a quick thinking, fast acting machine capable of running the most demanding software.

Quite often the upgrade can be carried out in the customer's home (or business) although we prefer to do the work on our own premises where stringent testing can be monitored before returning the upgraded equipment to the customer.

If you would like a quotation to upgrade any part of your PC, please call us on 01202 883808
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